Memorial Pillows Memorial pillows
Memory pillows that can be personalized words and/or pictures for you or your loved one to keep special memories for a lifetime.
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Bible and Candle Memorial PillowBible and Candle Memorial PillowMemorial pillows that can be an artifact for loved one to take on journey or can be kept as a keepsake.
Bible and Cross Memorial PillowBible and Cross Memorial PillowHandmade printed satin memorial pillow with the lords prayer and can be personalized with name and dates of loved ones. 
Embroidered Lord is My Shepard memorial pillowEmbroidered Lord is My Shepard memorial pillowEmbroidered satin memorial pillow enscripted with The Lord is My Shepard.  
Embroidered Satin blue memorial love pillowEmbroidered Satin blue memorial love pillowSatin blue memorial pillow that says love this pillow is tone on tone. 
Embroidered Satin blue pillow for friendEmbroidered Satin blue pillow for friendSatin blue memorial pillow that can be give to the deceased as they take their journey, 
Embroidered satin blue yellow cross pillowEmbroidered satin blue yellow cross pillowMemorial pillows for the one you love as they take their journey beyond.
Embroidered Satin Pillow with flowerEmbroidered Satin Pillow with flowerEmbroidered satin memorial pillow with flower. Afterlife pillow for loved one to take or can be kept as a keepsake.
Flower and Dove Memorial PillowFlower and Dove Memorial PillowMemorial satin pillow that can be given as an afterlife pillow or as a memorial keepsake. 
photo memorial Pillowphoto memorial PillowPhoto memorial pillow that can be personalized with loved ones information. 
Ruffle Printed Memory PillowRuffle Printed Memory PillowMemorial pillow made from satin white material with a cascade design.